Ballast Zines


Ballast Zines is inspired by the concept of ballast flora. When ships would arrive in a port without cargo or people they would fill the ballast with dirt from the places they sailed from to balance the ship. Upon arriving the ballast would be emptied, unloading soil and seeds from across the world and altering the landscape and environment.  

When records were hidden and destroyed, or there were none to begin with, the soil continues to hold those stories.

Ballast Zines features the work of Nicole Acosta Nemergut. Nicole is an artist and educator based in New York with roots in Puerto Rico and Europe. Her work touches on ancestors, colonization, migration, identity, race, herbs and apocalypses. 

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Nicole has taught classes on zine making to young people and adults at, 

  • Booklyn - Zine Fest (dot) Edu
  • The Calhoun School
  • Liberty Partnerships at Hostos College
  • Little Red School House and Elizabeth Irwin High School
  • Progressive Education Network Conference